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A Very Merry Target Christmas!

When you're in the holiday spirit, but too lazy to make a full-day's trip to see the Christmas light display.... Target!

christmas in target

Okay, I'll admit lazy is a poor choice of word. This semester in school has kicked my butt, weekends came and went and all I wanted was to sit on my couch with my little one and enjoy her company. Having to get bathed, dressed, packed for two people (her and I), was a long and tiring task.

target christmas lifestyle

So one very random Saturday night, I decided it was time for Maddy to see the Christmas lights... at Target. I took her to the toy aisle to see what "drew her attention". (By the way, she's 10 months at this point, I'm not entirely sure how I thought this would inspire Santa's letter.)

target christmas lifestyle

If you know my daughter, then you know she's obsessed with Moana. She even has a Hei hei toy (pictured above) that goes with her every where. I didn't have her Hei Hei with me, so we grabbed a new one (and ended up buying it). She also really loves music and singing and dancing, so we also got an Elena of Avalor microphone. 

And then, the magic happened!

Queue Christmas tress and dancing Santas:


Target wins, yet again. I didn't actually spend more than the grocery budget and Madison was pretty impressed with the experience. I'd rate this overall excursion a 9/10.